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Your Global Trade Dashboard

At Export Abroad we provide the tools you need to identify, plan, and execute a global strategy that meets your company's needs and growth targets. We take a complex process and simplify it with an end-to-end solution that takes you through the entire global expansion process.


Find New Opportunities

Our platform automates feasibility and research to identify your top target markets. Everything is highly tailored for your company and product line to ensure relevance.

Collaborate and Plan

Build your market penetration strategy by utilizing our compliance, sales, and data resources. Collaborate, build, and execute a market strategy with your entire team in one place.

Sales, Leads, & Shipping

Track interactions with sales targets from around the globe. Our experts work alongside you to suggest the best sales targets and service providers that will help you along the way.

After the initial demo, I was blown away by this great tool. Not only is it easy to use, but effective. The information is tailored to the user’s needs, and Export Abroad takes into consideration all the moving parts that comprise very well executed market research. We are excited about Export Abroad and highly recommend it.

- Lynn Hijar, iBiz247

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