Tools to kickstart and manage your international growth.

Global sales leads, data, and customer management all in one spot.
Export Abroad is your business's global dashboard.

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Exporting shouldn't feel like the wild west.

International trade can be daunting. Identifying leads, vetting partners, and managing the paperwork can quickly become frustrating. We walk you through the entire process and manage everything. Grow you business fast with as little headache as possible.

How it works

1. We Learn About You

We do a deep dive with every company to figure out their needs and goals. We then assign you an account manager to work alongside your team. They ensure that the platform has all the information you need to be successful in a new market.

2. Find Leads and Qualify

Figuring out what country to target, who to sell to, and who is a serious buyer can be extremely difficult. Let our team of experts find you sales leads and qualify the buyers. Spend your time with only the warmest of leads to close more deals, faster.

3. Make Sales, Manage Customers

When a lead becomes a customer we provide the tools for you to manage and delight your buyer. Our customer managment tool tracks and stores sales volume, paperwork, compliance, and notes about your customers so operations can run smoothly.

Data Informed Decisions

Everything on our platform is 100% customized for your company. Our proprietary algorithms and software guide you through the entire process from identifying a market to making a sale. Once you dominate a new market, we'll even help you find the next one.
Example Report

After the initial demo, I was blown away by this great tool. Not only is it easy to use, but effective. The information is tailored to the user’s needs, and Export Abroad takes into consideration all the moving parts that comprise very well executed market research. We are excited about Export Abroad and highly recommend it.

- Lynn Hijar, iBiz247

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