Key Benefits

International Market Identification

Simply put, we tell you where your product will sell. Our algorithm generates a list of countries and ranks them by market potential. We let you know what countries are the best for your product, without having to sift through any data.

Informed Decision Making

Once you see our rankings, we give you data on the companies you choose to target. We make sure you're provided with all relevant economic, demand, and trend data so you feel good about going global.

Enhanced Learning Library

Market research is the first step to a successful international strategy. We have multiple resources that walk you through the export process and help you with everything from compliance to distributon.

An example of the data we provide

Below is one of the data points for swim wear (HS Number 6211).
Countries are ranked by market potential with data points provided on an easy to read map. Click the numbers to reveal data.

Read more about Harmonized System (HS Numbers) on our blog.

Why Should You Export?


Companies that export mitigate global business cycles. Having multiple revenue streams protects your business from large market downturns.


Staying domestic only allows you to target a small portion of the global marketplace. Grow your business by expanding abroad.


75% of the purchasing power and 95% of consumers are outside of the United States. Find multiple revenue streams by exporting to multiple countries.

Reach every corner of the world.

Application Features

Everything you need to be successful


We survey data from every country on the planet. You can be sure that no country will be left out when doing your market research.


Our data is refreshed daily to ensure that our users have the latest data to make the most informed decisions. Never worry about using old and irrelevant data again.


Whether you have one or one hundred products, you can generate reports for all of your products. Our robust database has information on any type of product you may produce or sell.


We don't limit the amount of reports you can generate. In fact, we hope our users check for market changes weekly. One or one hundred products, do research on them all in seconds.


Selling internationally is a largely untapped opportunity for many businesses. Use our software to help you enter new markets and grow your business.


All of our subscriptions are backed by a 60 day guarantee. Try it out with no worries.

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Our data

We guarantee that our data is up to date and relevant.









About Us

The Export Abroad Family

Export Abroad was founded by Austin Grandt and William Hakizimana who met eachother in the summer of 2013. The two quickly became fast friends and discussed how they could improve the current state of international trade. From those conversations, Export Abroad was born.

Our Mission:

"To lower all barriers in international trade. We seek to provide valuable solutions that solve exporting's largest problems by utilizing technology in new ways."

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